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Guided Conversational
Value Intelligence

A new generation of AI boosting your productivity and predictability.

Zero touch qualification and deal review.

Autonomous discovery guidance and arming of sales teams and leaders. 

Autonomous Value Sales Expert

Deep Understanding of Complex Value Sales   

Actual understanding of customers use cases, pains, stakeholders and context.

No more keywords and out of context text fields.

End to end, fully automated, not requiring human action nor inspection.

Autonomous Qualification and Deal Review in your CRM

Automated qualification without manual CRM data entry.

Automated deal reviews - no need to validate CRM data and manually forecast.

Full data hygiene. No garbage.

Metrics rather than stories and opinions.

Evolve from chores and fact check do deal strategy.

Adaptive Discovery Guidance and Arming of Account Teams

Adaptive discovery guidance.

Automatically arm reps with everything they need to win.
Proactive automated next meeting preparation.

No click decks and business cases generation.

Autonomous Features 


Captures structured data and customer voice

Captures structured data, evidence and customer voice straight from calls.

Autonomously turns it to action, productivity and predictability.

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Salesforce report
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opportunity KPIs

Effortless, comprehensive, and precise qualification and deal review within your CRM, backed by solid evidence

Shifting sales focus from tedious data entry and fact-checking to strategic deal-making, resulting in a larger and fully predictable pipeline.

Seamlessly supports all sales stages and activities while integrating with any qualification framework.

Contacts identification straight from call 

Names, roles, contact details with engagement and sentiment monitoring.

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Intelligent Discovery Guidance dashboard
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discovery dashboard

Adaptive Discovery Guidance 

Brings your best domain expert and sales coach to every deal.

Navigates sales discovery based on winning patterns.

Captures buyers needs & metrics into CRM.

Customized, automated Follow-up

Call summary emails with relevant next steps, deal status, gaps, customer facing decks for next meeting and internal material needed for prep towards the next meeting

Next Call Preparation gmail
next call preparation email
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Boost your Productivity

Drive the buying process.
Sell value, not brochures.
Win the tactical, strategic and financial decisions

Arm your sales teams and champions.

Full Predictability

Autonomous qualification and deal review.
Zero touch for reps and leaders.
Accurately report status and flag gaps

Fill CRM and BI with data vs. stories and opinions.

Improves your people

Guides and coaches on the job.
Saves hours per week while increasing productivity

New value sales metrics and indicators driving skills growth.

Improves your Playbook

Streamlines and automates any existing playbook.
Learns wining patterns.
Replicates best reps

Value Sales Expert
Strategic Impact

AdobeStock_674791833 (1).png

Value Intelligence at Scale


Sales Opportunities Managed


Total Revenue Impacted


Decks and Business Cases Auto-Generated

Driving Business Productivity from Day One


Rep productivity increase


Reduction in committed deals slippage


Ramp up time reduction

Effortless Onboarding in Minutes

Untitled design - 2024-05-23T193830.165.png
Combining your sales stages & activates with Spotlight’s MEDDICC best practices
Untitled design - 2024-05-23T204252.221.png
Salesforce managed 
app installation (sandbox and/or production) guided by Spotlight

Untitled design - 2024-05-23T212809.437.png

Spotlight enablement 
for  managers and teams


There is a Lot to Love

Tom Schodorf
"If I had the kind of visibility spotlight gives when I was a CRO, 
I could have been proactive and saved 50% of deals that slipped 
at the end of the quarter.”
Tom Schodorf
Splunk, X-CRO (grew Splunk to $1B sales)
GTM Board member & Author of “Success Cadence”
Angel Investor

Effortless Integration

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