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Guided Conversational
Value Intelligence

Adaptive discovery guidance.

Turning stories into structured metrics in Salesforce.

Autonomous generation of decks and business cases

Autonomously Drive Your Sales Cycle

Autonomous Value Sales Expert 2

Accelerate Complex

Value Sales 

Increase buyers’ urgency.

Sell value, not features.

Sell up from practitioners to executives

Stronger pipeline.

Autonomous Value Sales Expert 1

Operationalize MEDDICC Qualification

Drive MEDDICC adoption.

Get metrics, not stories.

Accurate Forecasting.

Autonomous Value Sales Experts 3

Scale-up Business

Value Consulting

Value discussion at scale.

Customize assets.

Winning patterns.

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Addressing the Top
Value Sales Challenges


Discovery is Hard

  • Buyers well informed & educated

  • Sales reps must navigate multiple playbooks

  • Experts cannot support sales reps in every stage of every deal


Stories vs. Metrics

  • Garbage-in garbage-out

  • No value-sales metrics

  • No automation

  • No structured data


Arming Champions is Time Consuming

  • Navigate buying process

  • Generate customized slides & decks

  • Build business cases 

  • Limited value engineering capacity


Inexperienced Sales Reps Struggle

  • Not enough guidance

  • Weak ramp-up metrics

Autonomous Value Sales Expert

Turning Conversations and Stories into Action

Adaptive Discovery Guidance 

Understands buyer's answers and opportunity history.

Navigates discovery based on winning patterns.

Intelligent Discovery Guidance dashboard
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discovery dashboard
Salesforce report
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opportunity KPIs

Automated Qualification

​Auto-manages the qualification status, gaps and next steps of every opportunity.

Optimized Decks and Business Cases 

Generates customized sales decks and business cases to 

arm the champion on every stage of the deal.

Captures structured data and customer voice.

Intelligent Discovery Guidance
Optimized Deck and Business Case
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Next Call Preparation gmail
next call preparation email
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Automated Follow-up

Call summary email with relevant next steps, gaps, customer-facing decks, opportunity status, CRM reporting done for you, battle cards, case studies, etc

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Improves your people

Guides and coaches in CRM.
Arms reps & Champions.
Measures and improves skills.

Improves your Playbook

Learns wining patterns.
Replicates best reps.
Constant improvement.

Improves your Productivity

Visibility, metrics, scores.
Opportunity & pipeline views.
Saves hours/week/rep.

Improves your MEDDICC adoption

Automated in CRM.
Metrics vs. stories.
No garbage-in garbage-out.

Value Sales Expert
for Leadership


Value Intelligence at Scale


Sales Opportunities Managed


Total Revenue Impacted


Decks and Business Cases Auto-Generated

Driving Business Productivity from Day One


Rep productivity increase


Reduction in committed deals slippage


Ramp up time reduction

There is a Lot to Love

Tom Schodorf
"If I had the kind of visibility spotlight gives when I was a CRO, 
I could have been proactive and saved 50% of deals that slipped 
at the end of the quarter.”
Tom Schodorf
Splunk, X-CRO (grew Splunk to $1B sales)
GTM Board member & Author of “Success Cadence”
Angel Investor

Effortless Integration 

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