Supercharging Value Sales

AI-driven discovery of buyers’ needs and pains, matched with differentiated value propositions, ramping up enterprise sales teams and boosting revenues

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The heart of a value sale is recognizing buyers’ needs and pains that match-winning differentiated value propositions.

Salespeople are always taught to ask questions, listen more and pitch less, but identifying the critical questions in every situation and selling value is still more of an art than a science.

Value Intelligence™️ is using AI to turn discovery into a science, bringing consistency, visibility and revenues

From weakness to strength

Replacing a soft skill in the core of the sale with a significant engine for growth. Injecting the full value proposition wisdom into every opportunity.

Ramp up faster

Operationalizing and accelerating new products, new value offering, new reps, every rep.

Save Reps time

Avoiding time waste on weak opportunities that are not creating sufficient value. Correlating data from all sources u0026 guiding reps to close critical gaps.

Win more

Optimize competitive differentiation for every opportunity using all value sales levers, increasing conversions, deal size, forecasting accuracy and overall productivity.

Value sales done right

Opportunity level

  • 1
    Get the critical data

    VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine is using AI to correlate all existing data points about the opportunity from multiple sources and guide reps to discover the most critical data that could uncover a valid business case or strengthen it

  • 2
    Generate the business case

    VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine is using AI to generate the strongest possible business case, based on the specific opportunity, historic wins and external data points from the segment

  • 3
    Match differentiators u0026 proof points

    VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine is using AI to understand buyers’ pains u0026 needs and the competitive situation, and highlight the winning differentiators, proof points, case studies etc.

  • 4
    Grade, strengthen, inform go/no go decisions

    VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine is using AI to evaluate and grade the strength of the business case and the opportunity. Alert on gaps and weaknesses and suggest remedies. Screen weak opportunities with informed go/no go decision. Flag insufficient readiness ahead of critical meetings, POCs etc.

  • 5
    Strengthen the forecasting

    VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine is strengthening any forecasting technique or tool by adding value match and timeline correlations to existing sales phase based forecasting

  • 6
    Evolve. On steroids

    VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine measures the change in impact of the various needs, pains, differentiators, competitors, questions, proof points, collateral etc. to learn wining patterns, respond to changes in the market and competition, continuously strengthen the discovery, positioning, business cases and forecasting and better guide and coach the reps

Multiple layers of value sales

  • Discovery guidance
  • Business case generator
  • Deal timeline management
  • Opportunity health monitoring
  • Differentiators, proof points u0026 case studies matching
  • Individual discovery metrics
  • Discovery and positing coaching
  • Individual prep. Center
  • Pipeline health and strength analysis
  • Team ramp up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Team discovery u0026 business case strength KPIs
  • Win / loss effort distribution optimization
  • Sales cycle reduction management u0026 alerts
  • Forecasting accuracy KPIs
  • Win / loss drivers in various segments, regions, GTM groups etc.
  • Changes in differentiation strengths / weaknesses
  • Product impact accuracy
  • Demand generation and customer success accuracy

We partner with

Growth companies

Scaling fast after B or later rounds requires non-linear ramp up of the sales teams. We shorten rep’s ramp up to productivity.

Sophisticated, tech-savvy sales organization

Modern sales organizations use multiple revenue intelligence tools, but all these tools have a blind spot on value discovery. We bring automation and intelligence to that critical aspect of the sell, helping each Rep succeed more

Cyber security companies

Quantifying various risks and building stronger business cases challenges many companies in this space. Working with multiple cyber-security sales organizations enable us to credibly quantify their value offerings

Sale Consultants

Sales consultant want their customers to succeed – so do we! We can brand and tailor the system to match any specific sales methodology


Multiple products, new offerings, cross sales teams etc. make it hard for reps to effectively discover and position themselves to win against agile competitors and with educated buyers. We bring the full product and sales wisdom into every deal

Distributors / Resellers / MSPs

There are great advantages and some challenges with indirect sales. Whether you are part of an indirect sales organization or you are selling through partners, we make indirect sellers as effective as the best direct ones

Value Intelligence ™️ is built for remote and field sales teams

Prepares reps for discovery meetings and generates the strongest business cases and positioning during the meetings or afterwards.

Start with our discovery and visibility light – version for small teams

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