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Guided Conversational MEDDICC

No more text fields, stories and adoption struggles.

Drive productivity and visibility at scale with structured metrics, status, next steps and gaps in Salesforce.

The MEDDICC Adoption Challenge 

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A Chore for Sellers 

and Leaders

Sellers hate to enter text.

Leaders have to read texts, ask clarifying question, then manually inform forecasting.

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Stories and Opinions 

vs Structured Metrics

Free text fields with stories are unusable for direct forecasting and BI tools.

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No validation of the data entered leads to inconsistent and unreliable data and forecasting.

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Inconsistent Discovery 

and Guidance

Deep and consistent discovery is key to proper qualification, but not all sellers nor all leaders are great at MEDDICC.

Leaders cannot be there for every rep in every meeting.

How about helping your sales reps drive deep and consistent qualification in much greater clarity and without the chores?

Helping your champions navigate deals internally and uncover pitfalls for you.

Helping your sales leadership get visibility, improve forecasting accuracy and mitigate deals slippage.

Helping your Revenue Ops get structured validated data straight to the CRM without the struggles of getting it.

Interactive, configurable stages and activities bar with actions items, notes, alerts and with MEDDICC automatically integrated into the sales process.

Replacing free text by structured metrics that are used to branch and navigate the opportunities, deal reviews and forecasting. in Salesforce dashboard

Interactive, configurable MEDDICC pane with qualifiers, notes and traffic lights per letter.

Streamlined and integrated with sales stages and activities so any change in the activities bar checks MEDDICC boxes based on their success criteria. in Salesforce dashboard in Salesforce dashboard
salesforce integration in Salesforce dashboard

AI-based opportunity specific qualification guidance and coaching – Bring your best coach to every opportunity.

Streamlining sales stages and activates, qualification and discovery into a single prioritized stream, highlighting critical steps and gaps.

MEDDICC visual status and scores, in Salesforce, enriching every forecasting process and tool.

Opportunity level, rep level, team level and pipeline status and progress visualizations. in Salesforce dashboard
salesforce integration seamless integration

Self-service configuration in a few minutes (and we are here to help).

Support any sales stages & activates and any qualification framework (MEDDPICC, MEDDICC, MEDDIC, SPICED, BANT, SPIN, Sandler, anything else…).

Readily available templates with sales stages and qualification best practices.

For CRMs other than Salesforce, a native standalone application is available.

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