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Nadav Efraty President

Nadav Efraty

Executive Chairman
Head of Sales and Marketing

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Nadav was the founder, CEO and Chairman of Desalitech since inception through multiple fundraises, exponential growth and its successful M&A by DuPont. Desalitech disrupted industrial water purification with innovative process and software that autonomously increase efficiency and reduce risk for Fortune 500 companies across most manufacturing sectors. Beyond the impact created and the world class enterprise sales organization that was architectured, Nadav takes the biggest pride in creating a deliberate model culture and relentlessly empowering the team. Prior to Desalitech, Nadav led R&D in Exanet, a data storage company that was acquired by Dell. Nadav earned his BSc and MSc in computer science, both Summa Cum Laude, and served as a military helicopter pilot.

Nadav lives with his wife and two boys (+dog) in Boston suburbs and enjoy lots of swimming, riding, running, volleyball, tennis, ski, hiking, good food, pink cocktails and other kinds of fun ?

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