In the beginning we were entrepreneurs and executives who built and ran multiple successful Go To Market and Sales organizations for companies which existence depended on selling differentiated value at unstoppable growth.

We experienced many challenges and solved them for our companies. Along our journeys, it became clear that every sales leader we worked or consulted with faced similar issues and had to find individual solutions for them.

We teamed with technical entrepreneurs from the forefront of AI, Big Data and Natural Language Processing and together, created’s Value Intelligence Platform with the passion to solve the universal challenges of value sales at scale for all.

Our vision

Turn value into a science that accelerates companies and transforms industries

Our mission

Boost sales organizations by embedding value intelligence into the heart of their sales

Our Values

  • Speak your truth – Be you. Do the right thing. Don’t create or accept Bullshit.

  • Play hard – Think big, aim high and go all in with full commitment and urgency.

  • OwnershipGYSHIDO. Keep your eyes on the big picture and wide interest. Be the driver, not the passenger. Never get complacent – catch issues before they grow.

  • Try & Dare – Try new things, dare to push the limits – success never comes where people are not allowed to fail.

  • Life 360 – It is not a journey worth taking unless it is fun – don’t miss opportunities to celebrate! Take care of yourself. Invest in your family.

  • Impact – Effort is appreciated, but it’s critical to always focus on the impact.

  • Growth – Continuously evolve, improve and adapt to change. Strive to simplify everything. Weaknesses are often the origin of growth – use them, proudly.

  • Humility – Always respect others and remain humble and open minded.

  • Together – We only win when our customers win – making them win is our top priority! It’s a team sport and we can only win as a team.







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